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Tell Me the Tea Gratitude Journal


Created by 12-year-old 7th grader, Author Heaven B. Smith, wanted to create a safe space for those with a voice, yet not ready to speak. 


This Journal provides 5 crucial elements, Ms. Smith felt lack of solidarity amongst our queens, to build more of a cohesive sisterhood around the world: An opportunity to think and write about one thing to be grateful for, starting the day with courage despite their situation; Word of the day with definitions, encouraging word expansion and conversational fluency needed later in life; Daily Affirmations to encourage self-love and helping negate the negative; Feelings grading scale, to be honest with themselves on how they truly feel, and how tomorrow can be better; and finally writing space for daily emotional release.

This 200-page Journal will make a wonderful reflective tool for growth, showing the their current thinking, compared to future thoughts.

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