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About Me

heaven b. smith


Author Heaven B. Smith was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Heaven, currently a 14-year-old-year-old 8th grader, began writing at the age of age twelve. Dreams of becoming gymnastics coach at the young age of six, Heaven began teaching herself the art of gymnastics, watching YouTube videos, and practicing what she observed. Her mom, Michelle Knight, continued to watch Heaven's talent grow, thus deciding to sign her up for gymnastics classes. Upon tryouts, Heaven was immediately accepted into level three as a competing gymnast. Author Smith placed top 100 gymnasts in the United States, and #1 for her age group and level. Heaven Smith has her future mapped out. She plans to attend UCLA or LSU to become a gymnastics coach and teach young girls to achieve their goals of becoming gymnasts. Heaven is thinking about the Olympics, but for now, she is enjoying her journey as a budding author creating personalized children's books for those who may inspire to become an author as well.  

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