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Author Michelle Knight

Reasons I Don't Like Being the Baby

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Being an only child can have its ups and downs, especially when you are the last of three. Heaven, the youngest sibling and her family, misses having her older sister and brother around, never realizing she has the best of both worlds - hugs and kisses from mom, cooking with dad, and fun, random visits when her siblings come back to town. Plus, all the rooms belong to her, and the best part is that her dog, Aubrey, spoils her with affection and never shares her secrets. I don't like being the baby by Heaven B. Smith highlights the importance of family and serves as a delightful reminder that each person plays a special role in their family. Eventually, everyone must leave the nest, so remember to enjoy your family while you can.

ISBN 9781956911053 - Case Laminate

ISBN 9781737055433 - Perfect Bound

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